Ep17: Employee Engagement Live with Ketan Krishna

Employee engagement is like an ocean which keeps evolving and brings in new strategies with every change internal or external.


Ketan Krishna is an HR leader, an author/speaker who works with a brand called Rentomojo.  


He has touched more than 2 million people, a Speaker impacting 5000+ folks, and a coach who has transformed hundreds of lives. 


Ketan’s latest book Titled Extraordinary shares his experience from over 14 years of span.


In this interview, we will be speaking about his views and ideas about Employee Engagement.


Let us begin with his views on Employee Engagement


He believed that successful organizations are bundled with enthusiastic employees who believe in the mission of the Organization.  Employee Engagement, the organization needs to understand that their employee needs motivation at some point.  However, the experience is different with different managers though aligned with the same policy. Inspired to note that Ketan has worked with 24 bosses in his career span – yes, it used to be fluctuating. 


It was time to sit back and make a decision – he narrowed his thoughts and grouped them into three broad categories/questions – Are you being yourself, Are you giving your best and Are you aligned to serve the bigger purpose.


Let us get deeper into the conversation in understanding his broad vision of grouping

While we talk about his experience – It is essential for us to understand more about his book named “Ordinary with Extraordinary” 


It is connected very close to his heart on how we draw boundaries to ourselves and try to work within and never take an initiative to look outside as we decide it is not for me.


Yes, it make us think for a moment Ketan, from a small town, used to lead a simple and ordinary person and used to enjoy cheering his friends for their success. He was quite happy with his job paying off his bills.  The town he lived in had only three major career streams: Doctor, Engineer etc. He decided to go for Doctor – he tried hard but could make it. His thought of being an ordinary person strengthened within. 

This hit me hard and since then the way Ketan started to look and think changed his life. He started to experience the changing world in front of him. 


Ketan’s Linkedin stories and the encouragement he got through inspired him to write this book. 


In a nutshell, everyone has an opportunity to get the best so create the magic and change the way you see the world. 


How to bring in success in Employee Engagement


Rightly stated that Managers play a vital role in an Organization. It becomes the responsibility of the Manager to empower and keep the employee happy.  Most interesting part of the conversation is when he said – design the engagement based on the needs and not to duplicate what other organizations do.


Though every communication is delivered by the business leaders on a larger platform, it is the manager who executes at a ground level.


It is a good practice to have a fun get together periodically be it sports across the teams or Reward and Recognition session complimenting and empowering employees to be more productive. 


Let us look at most significant part of the session 


How hard it has been in pandemic and what was the strategies

It was the most difficult and unexpected situation across the globe, as a team we stood together and accepted the pattern shift. While it was easy for many as the battle was bigger. 


The human touch is lost in the system, it has become difficult for the manager to understand what is happening with the employee – here technology supported and empowered Managers.


Things to be looked into in the crisis 


Personalized engagement stands to be more effective – a few in the team may require upskill training while the others may look for a team lunch. 


How employee’s expectation has changed over the years


Earlier the best policies and procedure was a key to success – it was an employer market.  Eventually it started to narrow down into segment needs and further narrow it to teams. Now, things have to be broken down into individuals for the best connection.

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