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Date: 27th October, 4PM IST

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Meet the Team Behind Employee Engagement Academy.

Subrata Kabiraj

Srikanth Acharya

Meet Subrata Kabiraj, co-founder of Employee Engagement Academy. Subrata brings a rare blend of experiences in Defence, Govt and Corporate for more than 2 decades. As an alumnus of the prestigious IIM Calcutta and a Chartered Member of CIPD (UK), he leverages his corporate HR expertise to change the regular beliefs and perception Employee Engagement in present day corporations. A public speaking and storytelling enthusiast, a commissioned-exhibited-sold artist, a marathoner and a long distance cyclist…Subrata can surprise you with stories that can change the whole team dynamics.

Srikanth Acharya

Srikanth Acharya is the Co-Founder of Employee Engagement Academy as well as CEO and Founder of Offineeds.com, a renowned corporate gifting company in India. With a wealth of experience in employee engagement strategies, Srikanth has helped more than 200 organizations foster a culture of excellence since 2005. An exceptional entrepreneur, a continuous learner and an avid traveller, you can’t miss the infectious energy Srikanth has. If you want to know what are some strategies that actually work to unlock employee potential, enhance collaboration, and foster a culture of continuous growth, Srikanth is your person to get in touch with. Discover how you can transform your workplace!


I’ve personally liked the webinar for the fact that it's focusing on employees rather organization.
The webinar was wonderful with so much information for innovative working.
Kushal Tripathi
It was great attending your webinar and got to know about the products as well. Thank you for the valuable insights and gifts.
Loved the way it was presented. OffiNeeds provides a wide range of items that can be used for R&R programs and as a New Joiner Kit for employees.
Openmind eDesign
It was fantastic experience, would love to attend more.. it’s gaining knowledge in free of cost.. thank you so very much for useful sharing info. And already started following in insta and fb😅
Artha Solutions
It was a pleasure connecting with you. The session was good and useful.
Hrishikesh Adiga
Appsian Tech
Thank you for sharing with us through the webinar the strategies or initiatives by corporates to improve employee engagement during this WFH period. I feel that the content and duration of the webinar was perfect and good.
Arunkumar Srinivasan
Webinar was great, especially the giftkart , where in we empowering the team members to choose as per there choices
It was a great one indeed. Few strategies shared were actually new and could be implemented for a better employee satisfaction and retention ways.
Arpita Gupta
Vivo india pvt ltd
The session was more informative and very much useful for HR's in this pandemic. Srikanth sir has explained a simple but more useful steps for employee engagement.
Banyan Data Services
It was really a very nice & interactive session , I appreciate the concept as well.
Mr. Srikanth is an amazing Speaker. And the ideas for Engaging an employees was innovative and amazing too
Artson Engineering Limited
Webinar was informative and very uselful for HR professionals
Swathi Brahma
"I love the way how Srikanth Acharya, CEO of a company involve himself in such activities. I did love they way Srikanth explained the every point in simpler way with examples; though it was focused mainly on the products Offineeds sells. Never expected goodies, who ever came up with that idea, is just brilliant. Collect feedback and give out Goodies.. 😝"
Madan Raj
Aspire Proptech
Hi Srikanth. Few ideas are really amazing. I would like to have demo on few service. Will get back to on this. Thankyou So much!
Banyan Data Services

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Benefits of Employee Engagement:

Boost your employees moral online and aspire them for great results.

Increased Productivity

Engaged employees are more motivated, focused, and committed to their work, leading to higher productivity levels and improved performance across the organization.

Reduced Turnover

Employee engagement initiatives help create a positive work environment where employees feel valued and supported, reducing turnover rates and retaining top talent.

Enhanced Job Satisfaction

Engaged employees have a higher level of job satisfaction as they find meaning and purpose in their work, resulting in higher levels of happiness and fulfillment.

Improved Employee Morale

Employee engagement fosters a sense of belonging, recognition, and appreciation, which boosts overall morale and creates a positive atmosphere within the organization.

Increased Innovation & Creativity

Engaged employees are more likely to contribute innovative ideas, think outside the box, and collaborate effectively, leading to a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Stronger Teamwork & Collaboration

Engaged employees have better communication, cooperation, and teamwork skills, resulting in improved collaboration and synergy among teams.

Better Customer Service

Engaged employees who feel valued and satisfied are more likely to provide exceptional customer service, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced Employer Branding

A strong culture of employee engagement enhances the employer brand, making the organization an attractive place to work and attracting top talent.

Increased Employee Advocacy

Engaged employees become brand ambassadors, speaking positively about their organization and attracting potential customers, partners, and future employees.

Reduced Absenteeism

Engaged employees are more committed to their work and less likely to take unnecessary absences, reducing absenteeism rates and ensuring consistent productivity.

Improved Health and Well-being

Employee engagement initiatives promote a healthier work-life balance, stress management, and overall well-being, leading to healthier, happier employees.

Enhanced Employee Development

Engaged employees are more willing to participate in professional development opportunities, contributing to their growth and skill enhancement, as well as the organization's success.

Increased Employee Empowerment

Engaged employees feel empowered to make decisions, contribute ideas, and take ownership of their work, leading to a sense of empowerment and autonomy.

Stronger Leadership and Management

Employee engagement initiatives promote effective leadership and management practices, creating a supportive and inspiring work environment.

Sustainable Business Success

A culture of employee engagement lays the foundation for long-term organizational success, driving growth, profitability, and a competitive edge in the market.

Unlock your potential. Engage your employees like no other.